Socialwage is an influencer marketing agency. The idea is simple, influencers (mostly people with large social media accounts) sign up to be paid for promoting content. A sister site, (the same company) allows companies to run advertising campaigns using the accounts who signed up through Social Wage. Social wage allows users to log in and prove ownership of their social media accounts, and it also handles PayPal payments. The site has helped to secure heavy investment and the start of a new company, PromoteMyBrand. There is a lot of underlying tech to send automated emails, handle paypal payments, schedule posts and verify accounts.

Tech stack:

  • Jetty webserver.
  • Java 8
  • Tapestry 5
  • MySQL database
  • Maven
  • Jenkins for builds
  • Bitbucket for git.
  • Hosted on an OVH cloud VPS.
  • SDKs for Twitter, Facebook, PayPal etc.